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Friday, 1 January 2021

Happy Reading in 2021: An Advertisement for My Own Books


Leave aside the school punishment known as Lines and there is not really an activity which you might call, writing sentences.

~ Prose Improvements

There is no more a reading cure than a talking cure, just the possibility of interludes of remission.

~ I Have Done This in Secret

Gender is an adjectival rather than nominal aspect of people’s selves and rarely uncomplicated.

~ The Best I Can Do

Real imaginative achievements are closer to the banal than the fantastic.

~ Materials and Medium: an Aesthetics

Most heroes are local heroes and temporary ones too, more suitable for writing about in history books than parked on a plinth, their only devotees pigeons and dogs.

~ Between Remembering and Forgetting

It’s an odd kind of intellectual life to poke around in the textual remains of a dead man, pulling out bits with a See, he was right!

~ Silence is So Accurate

It is part of being human that often enough we don’t quite know what we are doing.

~ Nabokov’s Dream

Authors - dead ones excepted - are obliged to promote their own work.

~ Sample Essays      for the author            for the orders 

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